My dog Felix <3

Felix the Czechoslovakian wolfdog <3

50 days old <3


Hello guys, this is my dog Felix. He is a Czechoslovakian wolfdog and he is born on 13th of October 2014.

We got him by a legal dog kennel for this breed (I will link their Facebook page, they send puppies all over Europe)

He is kind of a disaster when it comes to chewing, but he is the most incredible, good, loyal and loving dog I have ever seen.

If he doesn’t see where I went he freaks out and starts looking for me. As far as I know this is inherent for the breed.

He is very smart and he learns very fast. Barely on the second day since we had him he learned to show that he needs to go outside to do his job.

Here is some more info about the breed from Wiki.

Dog kenner Facebook page.


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