The reflection (in the wolf’s eye) – photo essay

The reflection in the wolf;s eye

The reflection (in the wolf’s eye)

Each one of us has a good and a bad side. Two wolves fighting for the prize – our self being. The one is good – he is joy, peace, love, kindness, truth, compassion and faith. The other is evil – he is anger, sorrow, regret, self-pity, guilt.

He will crush you in an instant. Everytime you are feeling afraid, sad, lonely or angry – he feeds.

He waits patiently in the back of your mind. Waiting his turn to take over.

Once he possesses you,  it’s very easy to stay in that dark place.

Too many thoughts are floating, filling the darkness inside.

Only a comforting sound of emptiness is there to be heard. No more feelings.

–         I like this numb life – the Soul thought.

–         But why? – the Heart asked – I know we have been hurt, but we always survive. Why you give up now?

–         I used to have all this strength, but I am so tired. It’s easy to stay here – I don’t have to feel anymore.

The Heart went silent, it felt what the Soul meant.

In that very moment the good wolf felt crushed, there was no hope left.

It takes a lot of courage to leave this dark place, to pull the curtains and see the light again.

The fight began. It was time to stood back. No more darkness, no more fear.

As the fight was in it’s peak the good wolf fell many times. The fight was almost over. In it’s last moments the good wolf begged the Heart and Soul to have faith again. He faint.

A bright light woke the good wolf up. He won the battle, but you can still see the reflection in his eyes.

Till next time – he thought.

  • This is a photo of my dog. He is a czechoslovakian wolfdog. The breed was selected in the 1950’s by the coupling between German shepherd dog and Czech wolf.

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