H&M nail polishes – review

Nail polish colors: "Just blue much" and "Manhunter"
Nail polish colors: “Just blue much” and “Manhunter”


H&M nail polishes – Review

Good news our H&M opened their beauty section recently and I am very glad to see some quality products on reasonable prices.
As you probably already figured out, today I am going to talk about their nail polishes. I bought 2 in the colors “Just blue much” – a sparkly one and “Manhunter” – a basic black nail polish.
First of all – great names 😀 The black one is very opaque and shiny.
As for the sparkly one “Oh, my”…


What can I say… I LOVE it! 😀

I think we all agree that these are beautiful colors, but when it comes to wear, well…that’s another topic. The black one doesn’t wear very well at least on my nails and it starts to peel off on the second day of wear. On the other hand “Just blue much” wears pretty well, but it’s very hard to remove (well we have chunky glitter, so it’s normal).

The prices both reasonable – “Just blue much” 2.99 EUR, “Manhunter” 3.99 EUR.

Final verdict of H&M nail polishes

“Just blue much” – 8/10 very hard to remove.

“Manhunter” – 6/10 it just peels off too fast 🙁

I hope you enjoyed my review, see you soon :*


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