Stylish fall outfit

Stylish fall outfit

Stylish fall outfit

Hey, my sweet sinner! Sorry for the belated post, but I was extremely busy at work and I had to work on the weekends too.
Today I have prepared for you an OOTD type of post. Here you will see an stylish fall outfit that I¬†assembled at one purchase (except for the handbag and shoes, which I already had) ūüėÄ

This outfit consists three pieces of clothing that are perfect for each other.

Stylish fall outfit - choosing the right colours

The colour palette

The colour palette for this school girl type of fall outfit are pastel pink, grey and white. When you are in a doubt, always go for pastels Рyou can never go wrong with pastel colours. They are elegant, chic, girly and look good on everyone.

Choosing the right colours

When choosing pink colour always have in mind what will your message be. For instance: baby pink means cute, girly, flirty; hot pink means aggressive, childish, loud.
When choosing grey colour always have in mind how you are going to pair it with the rest of the outfit. We want it to complement the whole outfit not to overwhelm it. For instance, if I decided to pick darker grey cardigan, the dark grey colour would be very distracting and will mute out the whole outfit.
When choosing the colours of the outfit always keep it in one or maximum of two colour families. This outfit has two colour families Рwarm and cold colours. Cold Рblack and grey. Warm Рpink. White to neutralize and to compliment the whole look.

Stylish fall outfit - lenght and shape

Length and shape

Depending on your figure and height you need to choose clothes that will compliment your figure – show the most beautiful body parts and hide those which you’re not confident about.
If your height is between 150 – 166 cm you will want to choose skirts above the knee, because they will make you look taller and your legs looking longer.

If you are not confident with your thighs go for flared skirts, they will make your legs look thinner.

Stylish fall outfit - flared skirt


Stylish fall outfit - flared skirt  Stylish fall outfit - flared skirt  Stylish fall outfit - flared skirt


Details are very important as they add unique touch and feel to the whole look. They should also be discreet, adding feminine feel and elegance.
For detailing I picked white beautiful shirt with cute little shoes print, which makes the outfit more interesting and girly, rather than plain white shirt.

Stylish fall outfit - shirt details

The shiny buttons of the shirt add elegance and sparkle.

Stylish fall outfit - shirt sparkly buttons
Another detail to the outfit is the beautiful bow-shaped buttons of my cardigan. They make the casual cardigan look more special and interesting.
Stylish fall outfit - cardigan bow-shaped buttons

Every handbag with interesting detailing becomes my immediate favourite. I bought it in the Summer, but I will continue wearing it in the Winter too. This handbag is the perfect size, not too big and not too small.

Tip: Big handbags are fashionable, but they add extra weight to your figure.

Stylish fall outfit - handbag

The shoes

The most important rule here is to wear / buy only those shoes that are not only beautiful and eye-catching, but comfortable as well. When you are wearing uncomfortable shoes this will show in the way you walk and will affect your whole attitude. When choosing heels always measure the distance between the heel and the end of the platform. The less the distance the less comfortable the shoe will be.

Stylish fall outfit - boots

Get the look

The skirt – Stradivarius

The shirt – MOHITO

The  cardigan РMOHITO

The handbag – MOHITO (old collection, I couldn’t find it online)

The shoes – H&M¬†(old collection, I couldn’t find them online)

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