Fresh cute woman applying facial lotion on the face
Vichy Idealia Life Serum
The best face serum EVER!


Spectacular transformation of skin quality, even on:

  • Skin affected by:
  • stress / fatigue
  • overexposure to sun
  • pollution / smoke
  • an unbalanced diet

So I am 24 years old and just last week I decided that is time to look for a good face serum. As a person with an extremely sensitive skin I knew that my skin will need something gentle, yet effective. And if my sensitive skin problem is not enough a lot of products break me up and you can imagine how “happy” I am at that point 😀

Last Monday I went to the nearest drugstore to look for the perfect serum and I found it. Yes, I am in love – don’t judge 😀
The most awesome thing was that the drugstore had a sale for it and I got it with 10% off of the original price + I had a gift card, which means that I saved 16.75 BGN (or 8.60 EUR).

After I applied it for the first time I felt my skin as soft and gentle as never before. I was very surprised to see that the serum has little sparkles in it, which I will be honest kind of freaked me out, but this actually makes your skin look incredible. It looks like your skin is glowing, but it doesn’t leave you shiny or oily.

God bless SCIENCE!

 Final verdict: 8 / 10 

I give 8 just because it is a pricey product, which makes me very sad. Thank God I got that big discount otherwise I wouldn’t have bought it.

 P.S. Usually for my sensitive skin I use La Roche – Posay’s Hydraphase Intense Riche, which is very nice and skin protective moisturiser with more reasonable pricing.

I hope you liked my post, see you on the next one! 

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