Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set | Review

Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set Vol.2

Hello my sweet sinners, I am so sorry for the delay, but I was quite busy these days. Today as promised I will share with you my opinion about this beautiful Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set and give you advice on how to find the perfect makeup brush set online.

I was on the search for new eyeshadow brush set for so long. It was quite a research – reading, comparing, thinking – it was a hassle 😀 I just couldn’t find a set that has enough crease brushes, detail brushes, shader brushes and etc.

Buying makeup brushes online can be very hard, check out my list of advices below.

What to look for when buying online:

  1. Variety – quality makeup brushes are usually expensive, that’s why I recommend to look for set that has the biggest variety for its price. Compare different sets and work your math.
  2. Brush bristles – if you want perfectly blended eyeshadows / foundation you need to find brush with soft bristles. How to understand that online? Just look at the ends of the bristles in the pictures. If you see brush with voluminous bristles, strong base and fine ends – you found yourself the perfect brush. Of course for some purposes you will need a brush with hard bristles like – shader brushes, eyebrow brushes, eyeliner brushes and etc.
  3. Handles – it might sound odd, but I always look at the brush handles. It’s very cool to get the brush set that has handles like the magic sticks from Harry Potter, but is it practical? I don’t think so. This is an investment that you are making in order to feel more comfortable when applying your makeup, for hygiene reasons and of course to achieve better makeup looks. You will probably use this set every day, it has to be worth it.
  4. Storage – definitely look for brush set that comes with a clutch, box or stand. For me this is one of the most important things I look for when buying brush set. There must be an easy, convenient and clean way to store them.
  5. Design – as a graphic designer and a girl I always look for beautiful and stylish design on any products. Design is important because you have to love using you new brush set and to feel a bit fancy will not harm. 😀

The brush set review

The Zoeva Rose Golden Complete Eye Set vol.2  contains 12 rose golden brushes + 1 rose golden clutch.

Zoeva 142 Concealer BufferZoeva 221 Luxe Defined CreaseZoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer
For applying and blending concealerFor evenly and soft blended eyeshadows along the creaseFor softly blended and smooth eyeshadow application
Zoeva 228 Luxe CreaseZoeva 230 Luxe PencilZoeva 231 Luxe Petit Crease
For transition blendingFor perfectly blended kohl pensilFor shading in the crease
Zoeva 232 Luxe Classic ShaderZoeva 235 Contour ShaderZoeva 238 Luxe Precise Shader
For applying eyeshadow on the lidFor contouring the eyes and for that perfect V-shapeFor applying eyeshodow on small areas where precision is needed
Zoeva 310 Spot LinerZoeva 322 Brow LineZoeva 325 Luxe Brow Light
For applying eyeliner on upper or bottom lash lineFor filling in your eyebrows with eyebrow powder or linerFor applying highlighter on the brow bone (below the eyebrows)

The brushes are extremely soft, comfortable and easy to use. They are the blending DREAM. The material is synthetic taklon hair, which is perfectly fine to use on your face and eyes. They are in a beautiful rose gold colour – spreading feminine feel for that effortless and gorgeous makeup look.
Since I got them I have used the brushes 4 times and it was the nicest experience ever. I think I never had so nice eyeshadow brushes. Part of my old set that needed replacement is now retired in a box at home 😀

Here is a smoky plum makeup look created with these brushes.


Smoky plum makeup look using Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set

I hope you liked the blog post!

Bye :*

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